pcInternet Patrol Firewall Security for Windows

Finds more dangerous programs than other firewalls
pcInternet Patrol is the most advanced firewall in a world. Not only it keeps hackers away and reports on every attempted connection to your computer, but it also allows you to get additional information about the attacker, including their phone number!

pcInternet Patrol provides users with the level of Internet security unmatched by any other Personal Firewall or an Anti-Virus.

pcInternet Patrol is so powerful that it detects a completely unknown malicious program even if it exists as a single copy on a single computer.

Unlike other Firewalls, pcInternet Patrol is fully automated and is extremely easy to use.

If it finds that you have opened ports on your computer – it is not a reason to panic.

Ports may be opened by a legitimate program and that is OK. The opened port is only a problem if it was opened by a malicious program. In that case you will need pcInternet Patrol to sort it out.

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