Pcspy Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Pcspy will discreetly monitor all pc activity and silently email the logs
Pcspy is installed on any computer and installation takes only a few seconds. Once installed, it sits hidden away in the system and is undetectable. No one will ever know it is there except the you. It will then monitor all keyboard activity, page titles, web sites visited, passwords, email and more.

The user will be able to save and view all activities simply and quickly. The logs can be encoded and Pcspy will also email the logs to a pre-defined email address of your choice at set intervals if required so you need never return to the PC!

Even using the Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons will not reveal or disable the program, only the user is able to do this and Pcspy starts up automatically each time the PC is turned on. The program has been designed for pure simplicity of use .

The program can be saved on a floppy or CD for quick installation on any PC and the software is password protected so only the user has access. Fully compatible with ALL versions of windows including XP.

Pcspy features include emailing the logs ONLY when there is an active internet connection and will not request a connection from the user which would alert suspicion.

If any unauthorized user attempts to find out what this software is, they will see it is named “Pc” and nothing will be revelaed until the password is entered. This means that you can leave this software on the pc with the knowledge that no one will see that any monitoring software is installed.

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