PGPNotes Encrypting Security for Windows

Enables Lotus Notes users to conveniently encrypt and decrypt messages/attachments using PGP or WinPT
PGPNotes will enable Lotus Notes users to conveniently encrypt and decrypt attachments/messages using PGP or WinPT (an open-source PGP clone based on GnuPG), all this being done from within the Notes client itself.

Currently, PGP is the de-facto standard for strong encryption of Internet email. Since US prohibits the export of software which incorporates strong encryption, PGP is practically the only means of secure global communications.

Normally, a Notes user who wants to encrypt/decrypt using PGP will need to access the program from the Windows taskbar and follow a number of steps. PGPNotes makes secure communication as easy as clicking one button. This helps reduce the number of circumstances where important messages are sent over the Internet without first properly securing them due to the inconvenience of doing so.

Note: PGPNotes is not a replacement for PGP/WinPT. It merely makes it more transparent and convenient for Lotus Notes’ users to encrypt/decrypt using PGP/WinPT.

Here are some key features of “PGPNotes”:

· One-click access to encryption/decryption within the Lotus Notes client.
· Automatic decryption of PGPNotes-encrypted emails and attachments.
· Supports passphrase caching for greater convenience.


· Lotus Notes Version 4.5.x to 4.6.x, 5.0.2 and above, 6 and above.
· Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Personal/Business Edition Ver 5.5.x/Ver 6.x, or GnuPG 1.x.


· The trial version of PGPNotes is fully functional, except that the public key import and file decryption functions are disabled.
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Previously, when encrypting attachments without encrypting the message, the attachment is only encrypted to the sender’s public key. This has been fixed.

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