Picssage Encrypting Security for Windows

Hide your messages inside pictures using cryptography and steganography with Picssage
Would you like to exchange secret messages with your friends or colleagues?
Picssage lets you hide them inside pictures so nobody will suspect the messages are even there!

Keep important information or private messages safe from being read by other people.

Picssage is really easy to use. Just enter your Key Word, choose an image, type your message and press Encrypt.
After encrypting, the resulting image is about 99% similar to the original one, so nobody will notice the difference.

Picssage allows you to encrypt your message in any of the three colour channels of your image, meaning that you can hide up to three diferent messages in a single picture.

Picssage uses a double protection system, combining Cryptography and Steganography.

Even if someone tried to decrypt your message using Picssage, they wouldn’t be able to as they would need to know your secret Key Word.


· .Net Framework 1.1


· 10 days trial
· Secure mode not available
· Cannot choose colour channel

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