PPT2EXE Packer Encrypting Security for Windows

PPT2EXE, pps2exe, pptx2exe, ppsx2exe – No editing, No copying, No printing
The PPT2EXE Packer application was designed to be a tool that will help you encrypt your PPT documents.
Here are some key features of “PPT2EXE Packer”:

· Encrypt your ppt document, support ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx;
· Protect the distribution of your ppt document, No editing, No copying, No printing, stronger than the MS office’s own encryption.

You can choose encryption mode :
· [ Non-binding ] — All computer,One password. (Use “Create Playback Password” function to create Playback Password, Enter “No limit” as Machine ID);
· [ PC-binding ] — One computer,One password,you only need to encrypt files one time. (Use “Create Playback Password” function to create Playback Password);
· [ ppt2EXE ] — Convert ppt to exe,prevent copying,prevent editing,prevent printing.

· PPT2EXE, pps2exe, pptx2exe, ppsx2exe


· 128 MB RAM or more;
· 100 MB free hard disk space.


· You can not change the default encryption key.

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