PrinterMonitor Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Printer Monitor is an invisible, easy to use printer surveillance application
Printer Monitor is an easy to use program that monitors the activity of all printers connected to a machine. The application also gives information on user and time when a printing job occurred.

Printer Monitor is suited for both office and home use, monitoring one printer or any network printer. All printing jobs are recorded in a web format or sent to a specified email address.

Printer Monitor cost of printing feature helps you have an image of what costs printing demands. You simply insert an approximate value of one printed page and Printer Monitor gives you a total cost of each printing job.

Here are some key features of “PrinterMonitor”:

· Monitor printer activity – monitors all printers installed on a computer and also network printers connected to a machine.
· Monitor user printing activity – gives report for each user (in case of multiple users on a computer).
· Cost of printing – controlling printing costs is easy, the application provides a total cost for each print job.
· Email notification – helps you stay in touch with printer activities even if you are not in your office or at home. You’ll get the reports by e-mail by specifying an e-mail address and the frequency for sending e-mails.
· Easy to read reports – The reports are shown in html, easy to read format with the possibility of having them printed.


· 10 day trial

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