PrivateFile Encrypting Security for Windows

An application that uses the AES encryption algorithm to encrypt or decrypt files using a variety of keys
Anyone who has access to your PC or shared folders can also have full access to your potentially critical documents. PrivateFile Desktop helps you secure your documents and email attachments.

PrivateFile uses the latest Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption technology to protect your sensitive information from prying eyes. With PrivateFile all your personal files and folders are protected and hidden in no time.

PrivateFile runs either as a stand-alone application, integrates directly into your Windows Explorer or into applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

Simply right-click on a file and choose encrypt and enter your encryption key. Your encrypted file is now safe.

Here are some key features of “PrivateFile”:

· Easy Encryption/Decryption of Files, Documents and email attachments.
· Self-Decrypting Executable so that recipient does not need to have PrivateFile installed to decrypt a document sent via email
· Integrated into Windows Explorer or stand-alone application.
· Integration into Word and Excel to enable Encrypt and Send functionality. You can easily encrypt and send your documents directly from these applications.
· A KeyStore to store your regularly used encryption keys.
· Simple Key Management ? without the need to invest in a full PKI infrastructure.
· File and Document secure erasure.


· Memory: 64MB or higher
· Free Disk space: 20MB or higher


· 30 days trial. At the end of this period the decrypt function will continue to operate.

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