PrivateFile MailGateway Encrypting Security for Windows

Automatically protect your e-mail attachments throughout your entire e-mail infrastructure
PrivateFile MailGateway helps companies with their own email infrastructure, automatically encrypt their outbound emails and decrypt their inbound emails.

PrivateFile MailGateway supports various encryption mechanisms. PrivateFile MailGateway integrates into various email management systems or act as its own mail proxy (SMTP/POP3) using PFMailProxy, a companion product for low volume users.

PrivateFile MailGateway is capable of allowing companies with their personal email infrastructure to secure the email attachments automatically.

PrivateFile MailGateway sits between your email client and the Internet. It scans any MIME emails with attachments as they pass through.

Based on a set of rules which you can specify, PrivateFile MailGateway can automatically encrypt the email before passing it on.

The attachments are now encrypted and can be decrypted at the recipient end either by a corresponding copy of PrivateFile MailGateway or by a standard version of PrivateFile.

Here are some key features of “PrivateFile MailGateway”:

· Encrypts/Decrypts emails or email attachments based on a set of easy-to-setup rules
· Rules for specific email addresses
· Rules for domain-to-domain emails
· Centralizes management
· Outbound Emails and attachments can be virus checked centrally before being encrypted and sent.
· Inbound Emails and attachments can be decrypted centrally before being virus checked etc.
· Simple Key Management ? using telephone or SMS
· PrivateFile MailGateway Administrator to setup/modify rules

Integrates with existing email infrastructure either via an email management system such as:
· ClearSwift MailSweeper/MIMESweeper
· NETIQ MailMarshal SMTP
· GROUP Technologies iQ.Suite for Domino

Currently support encryption options:
· Uses PrivateFile AES encryption engine so compatible with standard PrivateFile Desktop application.
· Works with PGP version 8.x, where PGP is installed.
· SMIME Support.

· Each rule specifies which encryption algorithm to use.
· Administrator application to setup rules.
· Import/Export of rules based on CSV files.


· Memory: 64MB or higher
· Disk: 20MB or higher
· Supported email Format: MIME
· PGP Support: Where PGP 8.x is installed


· 30 days trial.
· At the end of the evaluation period the administration function will be disabled. Any rule already setup will continue to operate.

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