ProcAlert Pro Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

ProcAlert will keep a close watch on all processes being launched on your computer
ProcAlert Pro helps you keep an eye on what programs are running on your PC.
It works similar to an application firewall, but does not take Internet or network connectivity into consideration.

Instead it will monitor all programs and processes, regardless of their activity, and allows you to assign a trust level to each one.

If a new program is started in the background, ProcAlert Pro will intercept it and prompt your to allow or deny the action.

There are several options to set exclusion, and to use a default trust list, as well as logging and password protection.

The program also comes with a lockdown feature, that will prevent any other programs from starting, except the ones that are currently running.

Additional features include a list of installed services and their state, marking of Windows processes and more. A handy security tool for intermediate and advanced users.

IMPORTANT REMARK: ProcAlert can be seen as a firewall for processes. However, it does NOT prevent programs from launching. You WILL be warned if an unknown program is being executed, but the moment you see the warning, the program in question is already running.


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