ProcrastiTracker Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Allows you to group items to better track different uses and different projects.
ProcrastriTracker is a time tracking tool that automatically tracks what applications and documents you use, and allows you to view statistics on your usage in great detail. It is written to be small and non-intrusive. This application will prove to be useful for increasing your efficiency, tracking and billing time when you are working on multiple projects.
Here are some key features of “ProcrastiTracker”:

· Most detailed statistics of any timetracking app: ProcrastriTracker doesn’t just track documents and web sites for every application, it gathers information fully hierarchically, meaning that you can see documents on a per project basis (such as in visual studio). This happens fully automatically, any application or web site that deals with data in an hierarchical fashion, and shows items in its title bar seperated by ” – “, ” | ” or ” : ” will be represented hierarchically.

· Filtering: the statistics view allows you to quickly drill down to subsets of the data, fold/unfold trees, limit displayed entries to a particular date range, tag, or minimum number of seconds used (to reduce clutter)

· Tagging: allows you to group items to better track different uses and different projects. Tags color the bargraphs for an instant view. Tags work hierarchically, so items are counted as tagged like their parent unless you tag them explicitly.

· Precise Idle time: takes into account the time when you are semi idle (default 10 seconds of inactivity) and fully idle (default 3 minutes of inactivity) for a more accurate picture of how much time was truely spent on an item.

· Written for efficiency: Procrastitracker uses a custom database that uses very little memory, can be updated quickly, and has a highly compressed on-disk representation. It is also using straight win32 for reduced DLL footprint. It is so tiny, you won’t know it’s there

· HTML Export: export the data using the current filters to a very readable HTML layout for easy sharing with other people.

· Backups: automated saving (default every 10 minutes) and backups both per save and per run make sure you never lose data on system crashes, and allow you to easily go back to a previous database in the unlikely event of database corruption.

· Automated culling: Older items in the database that were used for very few seconds are culled, and their stats added to the parent item. This keeps timing accurate but reduces on clutter and database size.

· Input activity statistics: for every item, the amount of keyboard and mouseclicks are counted.

· Compatability: Every version of ProcrastiTracker still loads databases from the earliest versions, and will continue to do so. This guarantees that you can run it for years, and gather some impressive statistics, meanwhile being able to get new features. Data is stored in a relatively generic way so that the representation can evolve even if the data doesn’t.

· Configurable: Every timing setting can be tweaked to suit the way you work.


· Several functions are not available (HTML export, Advanced settings, Node hiding)
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Windows rebooting/crashing while the database is being saved is not a problem anymore
· Changed tray menu to open on left double click or right click, to conform to existing tray application behaviour
· Fixed bugs related to “no task bar icon” on startup, cumulative timing, and redrawing
· More robust splitting of window titles into a hierarchy, now also splits on files/paths etc. Side effect may be that statistics of files may not coincide with statistics already gathered in 1.0 databases

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