ProSecurity Encrypting Security for Windows

ProSecurity is a type of security application tool known as H.I.P.S. – Host Intrusion Prevention System
ProSecurity is a type of security application tool known as H.I.P.S. – Host Intrusion Prevention System.

ProSecurity is kernel-level security protection software based on behavior detection. By intercepting and protecting system behaviors such as applicatoin loading, cross-process operations, registry operations, network access, direct physical memory access, installation of Windows hooks or system services/drivers.

ProSecurity can prevent malware (malicious programs) from damaging your system, increasing their privilege and stealing your data, so as to realize system protection and malware detection.

Here are some key features of “ProSecurity”:

Process Execution Restricts
· Restrict from executing
· Restrict from loading applications

Process Protections
· Reading Memory
· Writing Memory
· Terminating
· Injecting thread
· Terminating by windows message and task end

Process Accession Restrictions
· Read Process Memory
· Write Process Memory
· Terminate Process
· Inject Thread to Process

Process Global Privilege Restrictions
· Read Physical Memory
· Write Physical Memory
· Install Service/Driver/Rootkit
· Install Global Hook/Install Hook to Other Process
· Modify Protected Registry Key / Value
· Access Network
· Modify Registry

Registry Guard
· Registry Key Protection
· Registry Value Protection

· Fast User Switch and Terminal Service Supported

· Learning Mode Supported

· Installing Mode Supported

· Export/Import Rule and Settings Supported


· 30 days trial period
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· DDE/OLE/COM communication control added
· Keylogger detection added
· Shutdown control added
· Many other major functions added.

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