Razazwork KeyGuard Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Protect your self from Known and Unknown Security Risks Malicous Threats
KeyGuard provides a clean solution to protect your keystrokes. It’s not like conventional anti keylogging utilities that require a lot of understanding to operate.

KeyGuard is a self configured security tool that requires zero percent user interaction, operates in background and protects your keystrokes in the applications of your choice.

KeyGuard is the most Effective Anti Spying Solution Available in Market.
The Desktop compact widget provides convenient way to interact with application.

Portable version of KeyGuard breaks the barrier to all conventional anti loggers that monitors windows hook and require system administrative level access. you dont even need to install it.

You can take portable KeyGuard any where in world with you on USB drive and best of all it runs on restricted and limited access accounts too you are not required to be administrator of system.

Secure your privacy now, don’t be a bait for hackers and other online threats protect your self from 0 day attacks and Private threats. Be hack proof using KeyGuard in office home any where and secure yourself against all kind of threats spywares monitoring & Surveillance utilities key loggers Trojan’s and password capturing utilities.

Here are some key features of “Razazwork KeyGuard”:

· Complete protection against every kind of Keystroke logging / theft.
· Very Easy to use, and no More Complexity like Conventional Anti keyloggers.
· Unique and Convenient Application Interface.
· Configurable Protection Full and Application Based.
· SecurePad provides a convenient way to quickly write secure and sensitive information
· Customizable Application Appearance.
· Protected Application Manager.
· Exception List Manager.
· Enable Disable Protection with a Single Click.
· Portable Need No installation Click and Run.
· Can Run Under Limited Access Accounts Guest, Power user.
· 100 Percent Guaranteed Keystroke Protection from malicious threats surveillance software(s), Spywares Private KeyLoggers


· Pentium 2
· Ram 64 mb


· 5 days or 30 executions trial
· Keystroke protection for one application Notepad

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Added Hotkey Support .
· Added KeyGuard Theme Gallery Fully Redesigned Appearance Manager.
· Corrected Redrawing Bug While Restoring KeyGuard From Tray to Screen.
· “Enhanced Keystroke Emulation” Mode Updated with a more Stable Routine..
· other Tweaks.

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