Revealer Free Edition Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

A free keylogger monitoring tool that logs everything that is typed on the installed computer
Revealer Free Edition is a free keylogger monitoring tool that logs everything that is typed on the installed computer, it records every keystroke including passwords and conversations (one side only) in common instant messengers.
It’s a simple and very light software with a user friendly interface.

It runs in the background saving system resources, no button or icon is present in the Windows Task Bar to ensure invisibility. Log files are automatically deleted every month but you can make backup of them if needed.

How to use it ? very simple, once installed and launched, open an application (notepad.exe for example) write some text in it, press enter and the text entered will appear in the revealer main window.

You can then hide it by clicking the eye button of the toolbar (revealer.exe will still be visible in the process list of the task manager). To make the window visible, just launch revealer one more time.

You have to take care with keyloggers that own lots of features, these gas works usually hurt system performance and make heavy use of rootkit technics, as a result they have much more chance to generate errors in the programs they are spying. Unlike them, Revealer is optimized and uses only two hook functions (keyboard and mouse) to perform his stealth.

Here are some key features of “Revealer Free Edition”:

· Simple and intuitive graphical interface
· Reliable log engine
· Password protection
· Hides its window
· FREE with no expiration period


· Most of Revealer’s options are disabled in the free version

Note: Free for personal use only.
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· All reported bugs fixed
· full optimization
· the program is now even more tiny : only 34 ko !

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