RightClickEncrypt Encrypting Security for Windows

RightClick-Encrypt allows you an easy protection for your files !
RightClick-Encrypt is a new amazing encryption program, in the sense that our User Interface is profoundly superior to other file encryption utilities out there.

The difference between RightClick-Encrypt and other similar products is the seamless integration in Explorer and the extremely user-friendly user interface.

Furthermore RightClick-Encrypt has a plethora of features and options, without being too complicated. We have simply taken the best of the best in Encryption utilities and brought it all together in a single application.

RightClick-Encrypt has a multitude of features which seperate it from the rest in terms of usability, security and performance.
We have simply taken the best of the best in encryption applications and brought it all together in a single application!

Here are some key features of “RightClickEncrypt”:

· 5 different algorithms to suit any users encryption needs, including the new impregnable algortihm designed by ZaberSoft inc.: NDevil(tm)
· Non-intrusive and easy to use explorer interface.
· Nice and beautifully designed WinXP-style application interface to give you the user interface for the future.
· First time user Settings Wizard to guide you through the setup process.
· Encrypt files and entire folders with one easy click.
· Drag and drop for “Encrypt to” functionality.
· Restrict Folders and protect them against delete, move, rename etc.
· Easy recognition of file contents using revolutionary icon-overlay technology. This enables Semi-Transparent Encryption using the TrueView(tm) module.
· File wiping: Customizable secure deletion of files.
· All algorithms improved in safety using key-vectoring and other key management technologies developed by ZaberSoft.
· All features seamlessly integrated and globally applicable in the application.
· Allow only administrator approved users to use the encryption capabilities using the built-in user management system.
· Extensive help and support using Browser based components such as ActiveFind(tm) and frequently updated online help.
· Easy product update using the Zabersoft Autoupdate Utility.
· Language support. Find your countries language pack on our website and enjoy the RightClick-Encrypt experience in your local language.
· A whole range of useful settings to give you the tailored encryption experience you want. All readily available in drop-down menus throughout the application structure.

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