SafeHouse Personal Edition Encrypting Security for Windows

Protects, hides and encrypts your sensitive documents and folders
SafeHouse provides total privacy and protection for your sensitive files and folders using passwords and strong encryption. SafeHouse features military-strength encryption which is completely transparent to the way you work and is compatible with all Windows applications.

This software is amazingly simple to use and works on all drives, including external USB drives, USB memory sticks, network servers and even on CD/DVDs for making secure backups.

SafeHouse keeps your confidential files in expandable giant data vaults which can only be accessed after entering your secret password.

Your documents, photos, videos, spreadsheets and other files are completely invisible and encrypted once under the total protection offered by SafeHouse.

Once SafeHouse accepts your password, your files and folders are fully accessible using a new disk drive letter added to Windows to represent your data vault.

Any files you drag and drop to this new drive letter are instantly and automatically protected. The SafeHouse disk drive letter appears and works just like any other disk drive letter in Explorer and all of your favorite Windows programs.

SafeHouse adds even more security by allowing you to store your passwords to smartcards and USB memory sticks.

No matter how many passwords you keep, you’ll never need to type them again. All you need to remember is the single PIN to your smartcard or memory stick.

SafeHouse can even automatically lock up or suspend access to your files after a specified timeout or when Windows hibernates. And because your files are always encrypted, you are also protected from accidental shutdowns.

Here are some key features of “SafeHouse Personal Edition”:

· Compatible with all popular Windows applications.
· Protects documents, spreadsheets,photos, videos, data and more.
· Lightning fast. Does not degrade performance.
· Fully-integrated with Windows and Explorer.
· Private storage volumes as large as 2,000GB each.
· Unlimited number of private storage volumes.
· Private storage volumes can be resized at any time.
· Protects files on both local and external hard drives.
· Protects files on CD and DVD (secure archives).
· Protects files on USB Flash drives and memory sticks.
· Can be used to email protected files.
· Includes system tray utility for easy access.
· Backup private volumes to external storage devices.
· Private files can be located on shared network servers.
· Password strength meter helps you choose strong passwords.
· Freely-distributable trial version can read all protected files.
· Supports storing passwords on PowerLogon smartcards.
· Supports storing passwords on Sphinx smartcards.
· Store passwords on virtual smartcards and USB memory sticks.
· Auto-lock private volumes on smartcard removal.
· Export smartcard contents to secure disk files.
· Command line API supports simple scripting.
· Auto-open private volumes on Windows startup.
· Auto-close private volumes on Windows logoff or shutdown.
· Auto-lock private files on Windows hibernate.
· Auto-lock private files after activity timeout or on demand.
· Private volumes can be formatted to use NTFS.
· Private volumes are compatible with disk optimizers.
· Uses strong 128-bit encryption


· 20MB hard disk space for SafeHouse files
· Additional disk space for your private files


· 30 days trial
· The length of volume passwords is restricted to 3 characters
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Enhanced USB device support
· Supports saving passwords to smartcards
· Supports saving passwords to memory sticks
· New fresh interface, full support for Vista.
· Stronger encryption methods
· Password strength meter

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