ScreenDetective Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Take regular snapshots of your computers desktop.
ScreenDetective is a software that ” photographs” the screen of your computer periodically, ideal to discover what your son, girlfriend, employee do during your absence. The time of capture of the screens for pattern is of 1 in 1 minute. In case you want to alter the medium time of capture of the screens, it is enough to open the file ” Config.exe ” and to select the time more appropriate.

At FIRST execution all the captured pictures of the screen of your computer are stored in the same directory that the program is. After the SECOND execution all the captured pictures of the screen of your computer are stored at this folder: “C:Documents and SettingsUSER’s NAME” .For being a software ” spy ” of the screen, the ideal it is to place the paste in some directory of little or any use for instance C:WINDOWS or C:TEMP to avoid yours recognition on the part of the victim and other users of the computer.

For being a software ” spy “, it doesn’t present windows while it be being executed. It presents windows only in the trial version that how many times shows the software it was used already and the remaining of uses. To hinder the ” victims’ ” identification the program it doesn’t possess installation, because it won’t appear like this in the menu to Begin of Windows. The spy software has the name “SVCHOST.exe”, the same name of an utilitarian of WINDOWS to hinder the detection on the part of victim.


· JAVA Virtual Machine or Java RunTime Environment


· 5 uses trial

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