ScreenSpy Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

A software surveillance camera aimed directly at your PC screen
Screen-Spy is Internet Snapshot Recording Software. Screen-Spy is like a surveillance camera aimed directly at your PC screen. It records a screenshot every 30 seconds (adjustable) while remaining completely hidden from view in stealth. This captures all activity performed on your PC, no matter who performs it!

Screen-Spy shows exactly what your computer users do. Viewing results is a snap. Simply press a certain set of keys on your keyboard and enter your password. Then, select a date and click Play on the VCR-like interface. That day’s activity is then shown to you like a movie.

Taking screenshots allows you to see activity such as emails, chat conversations, web sites, programs and more! You determine how often a screenshot will be taken. For example, every thirty seconds.

The screenshots are then viewed in the interface, which only you will know how to access. You can playback the activity just like a movie! Simply press play and watch the activity as it happened.

Here are some key features of “ScreenSpy”:

· PC Activity Recorder
Screen-Spy records PC activity by taking pictures of your computer’s screen. These pictures capture ALL ACTIVITY shown on the screen during each snapshot. This includes emails, chats, web sites, games and much more. Is your spouse cheating on you online? Is your child surfing for porn online? Is your employee goofing off at work? Now you will know the truth.
· Hidden To Other Users
Screen-Spy runs in complete stealth mode which hides the program from other users of your PC. There are no program icons, shortcuts nor mention of the software in the running applications list in Windows Task Manager. This allows you to monitor your PC in complete privacy. Only you will know how to access the results using a secret, yet easy method.
· Records Screenshots
A picture is worth a thousand words. And a screenshot is simply a picture of what is on a computer’s screen. Screenshots taken with Screen-Spy capture anything that a user is doing at any given second. These pictures are captured every sixty seconds (adjustable) and then compressed and stored in a discreet folder with the rest of the captured screens.
· Creates Auto Slideshow
Within the interface you can watch an automatic slideshow (movie) of the captured screenshots. You determine how long each screenshot will be shown, such as four seconds each or six seconds each. Each screenshot picture would then be shown to you for four seconds or six seconds before showing you the next. This allows you to actually watch the activity like a movie!
· VCR-Like Operation
Screen-Spy’s interface works very much like a VCR. It has a Play, Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward button. To view screenshots, simply select a date and then click Play. Anytime you want to pause the slideshow, press stop. Also included are buttons to jump to the beginning or end of that day’s captured screenshots. This has proven to be the easiest way to monitor your PC.
· Inactivity Timeout
In most circumstances, a computer remains turned on for hours longer than it is actually being used. This makes the screensaver appear. With Screen-Spy there is an adjustable inactivity timeout system. This allows you to specify an amount of time that when no activity occurs, the software will stop recording. Once there is activity again, Screen-Spy resumes recording.
· Password Protected
As mentioned above, Screen-Spy’s interface is hidden. Only YOU will know how to access it. But even if someone were to find out the secret key sequence, that doesn’t mean they will get in. The hot key sequence can be changed to one YOU select. In addition, the entire interface is password protected. If someone doesn’t know the password, they wouldn’t be able to get inside.

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