SCV Cryptomanager Encrypting Security for Windows

A cryptocalculator tool
SCV Cryptomanager is a complex application which supports many popular ciphers, digital signature systems and other tools.

You can easily perform various operations in many popular cryptographic systems with help of SCV Cryptomanager. SCV Cryptomanager works with symmetric encryption systems, public-key cryptography, various hashes and other important data manipulation instruments
Here are some key features of “SCV Cryptomanager”:

· Support for the variety of the most popular encryption and digital signatures like DES, AES, RSA, ECDSA, SHA and other systems.
· Public cryptosystems key pair generation functions.
· Built-in prime number generation, random number generation and modular arithmetics calculator tools.
· Low system requirements.
· Common user interface for all cryptographic calculation systems.
· Input data length highlight & control.
· Special data manipulation tools such as object representation transformations.
· Clipboard data filtering.


· Reminder message upon calculation.
· 30 days trial

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