Second Sight Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Second Sight – Record everything that?s happening on your computer
Install Second Sight on your PC and start recording everything that’s happening on your computer.

Second Sight is a full-featured Windows surveillance application that keeps a complete record of all activities on your computer. Business managers can use Second Sight to monitor employees` activities, and parents can use it to keep track of their childrens` Internet travels. With Second Sight, you can determine which computer user is making inappropriate or costly use of local and Internet resources. As the amount of Internet content increases daily, so does the potential for abuse.

Second Sight works invisibly in the background, totally hidden from the computer`s users. The program records the names of all open windows and web pages, and records all keys that were pressed. Optionally, Second Sight can capture screen images and save them in its log files in full or compressed format.

When reviewing Second Sight’s log files, you will be able to see everything that the user saw, read everything that was typed as well as perform keyword searches.The program can also be configured to silently e-mail the log files to another computer.

The application is password-protected, and fully configurable by the password holder. You can automatically enable the monitoring of user-defined keywords that are typed, optionally display a warning message when Windows starts, determine how long to save log files, and decide if the logs should be e-mailed to a remote computer each day. If you decide to capture screen images, you can set a delay for how long a new image will remain on the screen before you capture it, enabling you to eliminate a lot of unnecessary Internet screens.

Second Sight is perfect for employers who are concerned of illegal activity being carried out on company PC’s or parents who want to keep track of their children’s activities on the internet. Many options let you configure the program to perform only the tasks you want.

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