Secret PhotoAgent Encrypting Security for Windows

Securely send and save your digital images
You’ve decided to send one or more amateur photographs to your boyfriend/girlfriend, but you really wouldn’t want anyone else to see those pictures. Maybe those are photos of private content, who knows…

Besides, digital photos usually refuse to decrease in size when compressed into the archive, so you will have to pre-shrink them to the size that your mailbox will cope with.

But there’s no guarantee that the reciever has this type of file archiver and he/she knows how to use it. Secret Photoagent and it will do all the work for you, just send a password to your boyfriend/girlfriend, for example, in an SMS.

Even if you don’t want to send anything to anyone, Secret Photoagent will hide your personal amateur photographs from everyone but yourself. Just set a password and don’t give it to anyone.

Secret PhotoAgent will encrypt images and protect them with password, so nobody will see them unless they have the password! It can compress the size of photographs, so the message size does not get too large and send encrypted photos by email.

The picture viewer is excellent; it can hide, so nobody will notice anything unusual. The photos can be viewed even on an office computer.

You like photograph with your digital camera and/or you have a collection of pictures, amateur photographs. Maybe a family photo album, or maybe pictures of your boyfriend/girlfriend, or maybe pictures of erotic content.

Tired of work, you decide to relax a little, energize yourself for further work, and so you open one of your folders and enjoy observing your favorite photographs…

…when suddenly somebody enters the room – your supervisor, boss or one of your annoying co-workers; in a word, someone who doesn’t need to see what you are looking at… so what do you do?

…if it’s a co-worker, you can just shut the computer off, although they might get offended and cause some trouble… but what if it’s your boss? They will want to see what you’re doing while still at work, and your screen displays… oh-ow… Here’s when you need to press something, so everything disappears and there’s only your work stuff on the screen!!!

That’s right! That is exactly what we made the Secret PhotoAgent. One click – and everything vanishes as if it was never there! As soon as you’re safe, press special buttons and everything will be restored.


· 14-day trial
· Nag screen
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Version 1.6. Enhance the image processing algorithm

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