SecretDrive Encrypting Security for Windows

This application will allow you to easily create virtual disks.
SecretDrive is a small, efficient and reliable software that allows you to create up to 16 encrypted virtual disks.

Virtual disk is protected by one of five modern encryption algorighms:
· AES (Rijndael)
· GOST 28174-89
· Blowfish
· Twofish
· CAST 256

Virtual disk looks like usual hard disk, so you can format it, defragment, check, backup and do other operations. It can be located in file or in random access memory (RAM).
Here are some key features of “SecretDrive”:

· Strong “on the fly” data encryption by one of five modern encryption algorithms
· Simultaneous work with up to 8 virtual disks
· RAM disk support
· Optional creation of up to 4 hidden disks in an existing one
· Backup and restore secret disk header
· Encryption/decryption of files
· Simple and intuitive user interface


· CPU: Intel Pentium 2 and higher
· Free hard disk space: 10 MB
· RAM: 256 MB


· 30 days trial period
· Only one virtual disk can be mounted
· Hidden subcontainers are not supported
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

Feature added:
· Windows Vista x64 and Windows 7 compatibility – GOST 28174-89 encryption algorithm has been removed due to its weakness – Minor bug fixes

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