SecuInHand Professional Encrypting Security for Windows

Protect your private files and data by encrypting them with SecuInHand Professional
SecuInHand Professional is a highly secure file encryption and folder protection application that will enhance the security mechanism of Windows Operating Systems for protecting data from being illegal accessed.
SecuInHand provides the following functions:

· File access filtering: It provides file access filtering for protected files to achieve the physical isolation effect for protected data.

· On-the-fly encryption: If encryption option is checked, all files saved to protected folders will be encrypted and all files read from protected folders will be decrypted directly and automatically.

· Super processaccess mechanism: Users can designate some executable files as super processes which are the only processes which have the ability to access protected files.

The Kernel of SecuInHand consists of two layers: File Access protection layer and Data Storage Protection layer. The first layer, File Access Protection Layer, is to provide file access filtering for protected files such that only the types of access specified by users are allowed.

The second layer, Data Storage Protection Layer, is to provide on-the-fly encryption for protected files. These two layers are embedded to Windows Operating Systems to provide rigorous security enhancement for Windows users.

Here are some key features of “SecuInHand Professional”:

· File Access Filtering
Providing file access filtering for protected files such that only the types of access specified by users are allowed.

· Secure Storage Media
Using AES/Triple DES/DES algorithms and a specially developed Stream Cipher algorithm to encrypt/decrypt protected files directly and automatically when reading/writing them. The storage media is highly secure. On the other hand, since no temporary files will be used, file access is safer, faster and more convenient.

· Password Input Protection
Users must log on SecuInHand to use the SecuInHand interface or to access protected folders. Secure Password Keyin facility can prevent someone from hooking users’ passwords.

· Password Confirmation
Providing a facility to enforcing users to enter the password again before using separate functions. This can prevent unauthorized persons from changing the SecuInHand settings.

· Password Change
Users can change their logon passwords at any time. This can reduce the risk that someone gets the passwords by brute-force guess.

· Automatic Logoff Ability
Users can enable the Automatic Logoff option to make SecuInHand log off automatically after a period of idle time.

· Managing Protected Folders by Groups
Folders to be protected can be organized into different groups. Protection types for different groups can be different. The protection for each group can also be enabled or disabled separately.

· Flexible protection types for file access
SecuInHand provides flexible protection types for file access, including browse, read, write, and delete/rename protection. Any type of access is rejected before the user logs on. Once the user logs on, protected files are protected according to the pre-specified protection setting.

· Dynamic Protection
Users can change the protection status (enabled/disabled status) for each group dynamically. The new status takes effect immediately without reboot.

· Maintaining the original habit of file access
With on-the-fly encryption/decryption, users don’t have to invoke any encryption/decryption command to access protected files. The encryption / decryption is performed automatically when users access them with Windows interface or use application.

· Illegal access log
SecuInHand provides a log for illegal file access. The log records the names of the protected files which someone tries to access, the time which the illegal accesses happen, the attempted access types , and the names of the processes which try to access protected files.

· Super Process Mechanism
The Super Process mechanism provides users with a controlled and secure way to use protected data. Users can specify some executable files as super processes which have the ability to access protected files while the protection is enabled. While being assigned as super processes, programs are verified to assure the integrity.

· Emergency Rescue
SecuInHand produces an Emergency Rescue file during Setup. If the user should forget the passwords of protected groups, the rescue file can be used to log on protected groups created under the same SecuInHand installation which produces the rescue file.


· Intel Pentium III and above
· RAM: 512MB and above
· HD: 10 MB free space and above


· Register and receive :
· Program update
· Technical support
· Advanced technical information
· New program information

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