SecurDataStor Encrypting Security for Windows

A strong file encryption program for Windows
EncryptX SecurDataStor Platinum is a strong file encryption program for Windows.

Encrypt files, folders, local and networked hard drives, CD, DVD and email attachments using a simple, intuitive interface.
Hide encrypted folders and share sensitive data with recipients who can view decrypted files without having the software installed.

Protect your private personal and business files from spyware, snooping agents, and theft of identity or intellectual property.

With EncryptX SecurDataStor you can share sensitive information safely across different Microsoft Windows operating systems, different network and firewall technologies, and across different forms of removable storage media.

It uses powerful 448-bit blowfish encryption and a server-less authentication model.

This file encryption software creates an encrypted archive or wrapper around the protected data and stores the permissions in that wrapper. This permission-based rights management feature enables the originator of the information to specify access control rules (e.g., permission to read, write, copy, print or share files) and to set an automatic expiration date for access to the data.

The audit trail feature enables users to track the information that was shared, with whom, their permissions, and user names and passwords.

This file encryption program supports all primary forms of PC-based information sharing: encrypted email attachments, hard drives, file server, removable storage media (e.g., CD-R/RW discs, DVD, Iomega? Zip? and Jaz? disks, and floppy disks).

With the email feature, the software protects the information after it has been received and provides automatic return receipts.

SecurDataStor Platinum can also protect Web content on removable storage media.When users insert the CD and provide a password, a browser automatically launches and the software decrypts the content on-the-fly.

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