Secure Firewall Security for Windows

Secure notifies you about every single event that happens inside your system
Secure will help you by allowing you to keep your files password protected and if anybody tries to modify then the system wiill be locked untill the user get the permission from you(The one who encrypted the files).

In this way secure helps you to keep your files safer and securer than anything. Secure doest only safegaurds your files rather it notifies you every change that occurs.

If you are having any files which are very important and you want to keep them secure from others and hidden from danger,then no other than Secure can help you.

Here are some key features of “kapil”:

· Notifications – Secure notifies you about every single event that happens inside your system such that not even a text document can enter inside your system with out your permission.Every file which is created will be notified to you be a popup message.Note:This feature can also be turned off and on according to your requirements.

· ActView – This tool show’s every single program present(installed) in your system known|and unknown to you,so that you can remove or utilize them depending upon its type.

· CleanUp – Cleaning your system is a very important issue as it free’s up space and remove’s malicious software and unwanted files just in a single click.


· 24-day trial

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Advanced Encription tools added
· Notification customizable
· Detailed System Information
· Act View updated

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