SecureCrypt Ultimate Edition Encrypting Security for Windows

It is certainly one of the best free encryption softwares to date, offering gaurenteed protection from intruders.
SecureCrypt UE is most certainly one of the best free encryption softwares to date.

With gaurenteed protection using up to date encryption and decryption technologies, a newly constructed user interaction system, sleek UI and a completely user friendly experience, SecureCrypt will offer you the safest, easiest and the best encryption alternative completely free of charge.

Easy, safe, and efficient encryption software to keep all of your sensitive documents away from prying eyes.With SecureCrypt Ultimate Edition yoiu can encrypt your files or text into unreadable, scrambled information, and then decrypt them at a later date for viewing by first entering any custom password.


· DirectX 8.0 drivers or later
· 7.5MB free space

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