Secured eMail Encrypting Security for Windows

Secured eMail – Simple encryption for everyone without compromising on security
Secured eMail will integrate into Microsoft Outlook and the only difference that you will see is a new button called Send Secured.

Secured eMail Home is a security add-in for Microsoft? Outlook that offers revolutionary email security for all users. With one small addition, users can encrypt all emails and attachments that are sent. Users can now rest assured that their confidential information is safe.

The software combines AES encryption with the unique patented System SKG of generating dynamic code keys, delivering top level security for all users.

Here are some key features of “Secured eMail”:

· Send & Receive
Send an infinite amount of emails, and read secured emails that you receive through web mail or any other email client. If you are using Microsoft? Outlook? or Lotus Notes?, Secured eMail will integrate itself automatically.

· Secured Archiving & Backup
Secured eMail lets you store your secured emails in a location of your choice, making it easy to backup, since no messy backup routines are necessary – Secured eMail will handle this chore all by itself!

· Admin Lock
Secured eMail has the ability to lock the system and its settings, so that the user can not change, or see them. This is especially useful in a multi-user environment, but also an insurance against involuntary user error.

· The difference is a button
Sending secured is just as easy as sending regular email. All you do is click “Send secured” instead of the Send button. You can of course use your existing email account(s).

· Multi-level Passwords
Secured eMail has the ability to encrypt sent & received emails with the private & master password. The master password can then be used by the administrator to access the users emails, bypassing their private password.

· Central Deployment
With central deployment in the Enterprise edition, you can not only deploy the Secured eMail software itself, but also the policies and settings, directly from a centralized location!


· Pentium 300mHz
· 256mb RAM
· 20mb available Hard disk space
· Supported Email clients: Microsoft? Outlook? 2000 or later, Lotus Notes? 6.0 or later
· Microsoft? Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

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