Securepoint Intrusion Detection System Firewall Security for Windows

Analyse your network for intrusion detections
The Securepoint Intrusion Detection System (SIDS) allows to analyse your network for intrusion detections. SIDS protects your network from illegal data packages and scans for possible trojans and viruses.

The tool can be run from any location in your network and is filtering the whole traffic. The GUI gives you fast access to overview possible alerts. SIDS also comes with a huge library of rules which you can easily edit or advance.

There is also an advanced filter system available where you can specify different filters to get more information about a computer or a network segment.

Features :

– Easy GUI for fast overview
– Over 800 rules inclusive with different signatures (viruses, trojans, hacker packages, etc)
– Scans over 1000 data packages in less then one second
– Traffic monitor gives you the possibility to show the active running traffic in the network.
– System log shows the internal log-file
– IDS log-file shows the rules which encounters. Easy double click on an item to get more information.
– Temporary rules window for own rules. For example: Somebody is trying to access a special homepage. Here you can add and edit those rules.
– Advance filtering
– No special network card needed
– Runs on every windows platform

Warning : The Securepoint Intrusion Detection Tool is not legalized in every country. You are only allowed to use the software for your own network test and finding of security holes. Securepoint gives no warranty on it.

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