SecurePro Encrypting Security for Windows

Secure Pro is a powerful encryption software
SecurePro is a powerful encryption software that includes advanced features such as a rich cryptographic library, delayed encryption, self decrypting file, advanced logging, password protection and command line interface

SecurePro makes it possible to specify the time and date for the encryption to begin on any file or directory. For example, users can encrypt important documents on their server, prior to running the backup program. SecurePro can repeat the specified actions daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Furthermore, SecurePro is also fully controllable from the command prompt. Applications that do not have encryption capability but do have the ability to send command prompt messages can take advantage of SecurePro`s rich cryptographic library. Windows scripts and batch files that use encryption are now a possibility.

SecurePro also has the ability to create self-decrypting files from both the command line arguments as well as the graphical user interface. Self decrypting files will allow users to distribute encrypted files to people that do not have our encryption software installed on their computers.

Here are some key features of “SecurePro”:

· File automation queue with an advanced engine that will allow you to delay and repeat encryption /decryption of files. This is done by specifying the date and frequency of each file you add to the file automation queue.
· Command line interface that allows you to encrypt/decrypt files from the MS-DOS prompt and Windows batch files.
· Ability to create self decrypting files that can be decrypted by anyone that does not have SecurePro installed on their PC.
· Rich cryptographic library including encryption algorithms:AES, Blowfish, 3DES
· Verification feature that allows you to know if the encrypted files have been tampered with.
· Ability to compress encrypted files for easier storage.
· An option to specify an alternative destination path where your files will be stored after encryption/decryption.
· An option to destroy or preserve files after encryption.
· An option to specify forbidden directories and files to prevent accidental encryption.
· Advanced logs that keep a specific records of all actions performed by SecurePro.
· Password protection to access SecurePro

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