Securifier Encrypting Security for Windows

Securifier hides your files and folders even from Windows!
Securifier uses a stealth technology to hide files and folders even from prying eyes and even from the Operating System itself! That’s right: Windows can’t see them! Nobody can view your securified files and folders except you.

Securifier hides your files and folders even from Windows!

You choose a special password and select the data you want to make invisible. When you want to use your files again simply enter your password and the files will instantly reappear.

Securifier uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) adopted as the encryption standard by the U.S. government for classified information;

Here are some key features of “Securifier”:

· Hidden files are invisible to the operating system, other users, system adminstrators and even file recovery tools – it’s as though the files never existed.
· Each hidden file is also encrypted using the strongest AES encryption – therefore you have double protection.
· The list of your hidden files is not retreivable without your password, nor are any of the files themselves.
· Securifier is very easy to use with an intuitive interface.
· Uses include
· Hide your work files on your home computer so your family won’t ‘accidentally’ erase or see them
· Ensure the IT support people in your office don’t see your sensitive files in the event of them examining your computer.
· If sensitive data is on a notebook computer that is mislaid or stolen, don’t worry, the securified data will never be seen by anyone


· The evaluation edition of Securifier does not use the secure file shredding and original file removal features of the registered edition. It makes a hidden and encrypted copy of your files and folders, but you must remove the originals yourself – but these files could be subsequently recovered using readily available file recovery tools.

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