Shred XP Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Securely delete all traces of current files, previously ?deleted? files, recycle bin, drive free space, Internet trails
Your computer is recording everywhere you go and most of what you do. Credit card numbers, medical records, personal letters, corporate plans, personal pictures as well as a historical trail of sites visited, files (music, pictures, programs) downloaded and much more.

This personal or corporate information is usually very easy to recover, even if you ‘deleted the file.’ Sure, anyone can recover a file in the recycle bin, but most people, including kids, coworkers, and foreign entities such as hackers can very easily recover this information, even if you “deleted” it years ago.

And, based on the design of Windows, there wasn’t much you could do to prevent your computer from recording, and keeping, this sensitive information… until now.

Extending our award-winning product Shredder, we are introducing Shred XP. Shred XP has more than a dozen ways to shred files, registry settings, recycle bin, file tips, free space, file names, sizes, dates and trails created by other programs that you have installed (such as musicmatch, windows media, divx, real player and more All in a very easy to use and intuitive program.

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