SilentNight IE Watcher Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

SilentNight IE Watcher is an Internet Explorer surveillance tool
With SilentNight IE Watch you get the following. A server part you will have to install to one computer within your lan, and a client that must be copied to all computers you want to surveillance. The client dont need any installation, just copy it to the computer you want, and then start it once. Thats it.

From now of it will take care of it self. The client will from now of send the server a message every time Internet Explorer is used on that computer. The message delivered is: Computername, IP, User, Time of the site visit and finally the site visited(url). The client is runned in stealth mode, and to stop it you will need to know the right key combination and a password.

This alone will make most persons a little more eager to do some more effective work instead of waisting the companys money on useless stuff. But all internet use is sure not waisted, so on the server you can easely set up a blacklist of sites you dont want anyone to visit. By doing this the server administrator will get warned each time someone go to a site listed in the blacklist, and can act anyway he/she see fits.


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