SilentVault Personal Encrypting Security for Windows

SilentVault Person wiprotect critical data i easy as saving the file that contains it in a special folder called SilentVault
Users are always in control of the protected data by two simple controls of login and logout. Protecting critical data is as easy as saving the file that contains it in a special folder called “SilentVault” also linked from within “My Documents” folder. Our SilentVault solution, applies industry-standard strong AES-256 encryption to the data before saving it to the disk.

Accessing the protected critical data requires the user to be logged into our solution and then the user can browse into the “SilentVault” special folder from within the “My Documents” folder and the “Windows Explorer”. User password is applied to access the security key that decrypts the protected data on disk and then the readable data is made available to the user program like Microsoft Word that requested it.

This simple solution is powerful enough to give a strong defense against malware and hacker-attacks. The protected data on disk cannot be read by anyone, using any tool of any kind, when the special folder “SilentVault” is locked. The user can perform automated regular backup of the special folder “SilentVault” by setting a user preference option. This allows for secure backup of critical data to a hard disk or removable storage devices that can be restored, if required. We recommend making backup to a separate device such as a USB Memory key or a CD-R.


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