Smart UAC Replacement Firewall Security for Windows

Smart and much more comfortable UAC Replacement for first-rate computer defense
Overwhelmed with Windows Vista’s alerts and tired of clicking Continue ten times a day? Then Replace Vista User Account Control with Smart UAC now. Since thousands of malicious programs can disable your operating system, a defense-in-depth security feature for your computer is needed – and that is Smart UAC Replacement, which is easier, more comfortable and definitely less irritating than the standard Windows UAC.

In contrast to standard Windows UAC, Smart UAC will not annoy you with confirmational dialog boxes every minute – it remembers your choice and will apply it automatically unless you change your mind.

Smart UAC has the ability to detect more than 400,000 known threats and can remove them automatically.

The Smart UAC Replacement is the most appropriate damage preventing system for your computer, which can be used not only with Windows Vista but with earlier versions of Windows too.

Run The Smart UAC Replacement and use its training mode to create and edit your own security rules. Update programs’ database regularly to have the most effective and up-to-date damage preventing system. Once tuned up, Smart UAC determines automatically if the certain program’s action can be allowed or not.

Smart UAC prevents not only viruses, spyware, adware and trojans, but even fights setting up and running rootkits, which hide the fact of malicious programs existence on your computer. Tracking harmful and suspicious processes allows Smart UAC Replacement to find unknown malicious programs and prevent their activity.

Save your time and forget the strain on the nerves because of too complicated to use security system! Smart UAC Replacement is free of all Microsoft Windows UAC disadvantages and presents effective and up-to-date methods of providing security both for Windows Vista and for earlier versions of Windows.

Here are some key features of “Smart UAC Replacement”:

· Replaces Windows UAC with more clever and non-disturbing one
· Turn standart UAC into “silent” mode
· Monitors actions of different programs and alerts user of their potentially malicious behaviour
· Ability to allow or deny alerted actions or programs
· Ability to make UAC automatically allow or deny any actions of alerted program without further prompts
· Automatically scans every run program and DLL with an extensive database of more than 300 000 known threats and prevents malicious programs from running
· Prevents installation of rootkits (i.e. malicious programs that intercept

Windows core functions)
· Full customizability and fine tuning support
· Full time professional support

Security components
· Kernel-mode security driver
· User-mode controlling service
· Four interface applications

· User-friendly and handy interface

· Compatible with other antivirus / antispyware / security / firewall solutions


· Pentium III 300
· 64 MB

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Disables UAC
· installs Smart UAC
· scan each ruin program for viruses
· works as firewall for file system and registry.

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