Smartlock Encrypting Security for Windows

SmartLock is a useful program that works with most recent variants of AutoCAD
The design electronics documents in the format of AutoCAD DWG carry all your arduous work, also carry all the intelligent property rights of your design products. However, facing highly competitive business environment, how to protect your intelligent property right, should be always a hard problem to resolve.

Electronic drawings are easy to reproduce and easy to modify. As soon as you hand your electronic drawing files to any other party, you are thereafter at the mercy of the ethical standards of all people who may have access to those files. You don’t want to see your best efforts being used against you.

If the competitor cans not get your DWG documents, his cost of time and economy will increase high. So encrypting or locking the document of DWG is a necessary choice.

Now, Supply your drawing files, but secured by SmartLock [TM]. Locked drawings can be open in any supported version of AutoCAD, but no one can edit it.

SmartLock is a useful program that works with most recent variants of AutoCAD.

The characteristics of the software SmartLock [TM]
–DWG files batch Locking system

No changing of the appearance of DWG viewed in AutoCAD.
Rigid encrypting. Can’t modify except delete.
Disturbing. Can’t carry on the meaningful edition after encrypting, can’t trim, extend, snap and grip edition, delete only!
The document size is almost same after locking.
Need no plug-in software to open a locked dwg file in AutoCAD.
Batch locking, quick and easy.
Convenient. SmartLock runs outside of AutoCAD independently, no need to change your habit of using AutoCAD.
Work for most versions of dwg files, including AutoCAD R142000200220042006.


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