Spector Pro Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Spector Pro is the world’s best selling product for recording every detail of PC and Internet activity in your home or office
Spector Pro is the world’s best selling product for recording every detail of PC and Internet activity in your home, office or school. Spector Pro includes 5 recording utilities that are combined into one powerful software application that features: Email recording, Web Site recording, Chat and Instant Message recording, Keystroke recording and VCR-like snapshot recording.All five tools record simultaneously, secretly saving the data to a hidden location on the PC.

In addition to monitoring and recording, Spector Pro has an advanced warning system that will inform you when a PC being monitored has been used in an inappropriate manner.

Through the use of keywords that you specify, Spector Pro will be “on alert”, emailing you an immediate and detailed report of when, where and how a keyword was used – every time it is typed or appears on the PC, on a website or in an email.

Combine Email Recording, Chat/IM Recording, Web Site Recording, Keystroke Recording and visual Snapshot Recording with INTELLIGENT & INSTANT Notification when content you specify is encountered, and you have the most POWERFUL Monitoring and Surveillance software you can buy anywhere!

Here are some key features of “Spector Pro”:

Screen Snapshot Recording Features
· VCR Style Playback
· Fast Forward
· Immediate Rewind
· Data Stored Chronologically
· Advanced File Compression
· Inactivity Timeout
· Automatically Suspend Recording
· Automatically Resume Recording
· Black & White or Color Recording
· Export to BMP, JPEG or AVI formats
· Print any Saved Images
· View MySpace Screen Snapshots

Chat/Instant Message Recording Feature
· Records AOL Chat Rooms
· Records AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
· Records ICQ
· Records Google Chat
· Records MSN Messenger
· Records Yahoo Messenger
· Records IRC Chat
· Records Skype Chat
· Records Trillian
· Print Chat/IM Transcripts
· Blocks AOL/ICQ, Yahoo, MSN
· View a Top 10 Activity Report
· View MySpace Instant Messages

Keystrokes Typed Recording Features
· Records ALL Typed Keystrokes
· Data Stored Chronologically by Application and by Window
· Records Hidden Characters and True Keystrokes
· Print Transcript of Keystrokes

MySpace Recording Features
· View MySpace Screen Snapshots
· View MySpace Report
· View MySpace Messages
· View MySpace Chat/Instant Messages
· View Account Profiles
· View Pictures Posted
· View Blog Entries
· View Friends List
· View Comments Posted
· View Email Sent and Received
· View Top 10 People they are Sending Messages To
· View Top 10 People they are Receiving Messages From
· View Top 10 Profiles Visited
· View Summary Statistics

Online Searches Recording Features
· Records Google
· Records AOL
· Records Yahoo
· Records MSN
· Records MySpace
· Records Windows Live
· Records Ask
· Plus many other search engines
· View a Top 10 Activity Report

Web Sites Visited Recording Features
· Records URLs, Names and Titles of Web Sites
· Records information submitted on web pages
· Block future access with one click
· View Time of Visit to Web Site
· View Total Duration of Visit to Web Site
· View Active Time on Web Site
· View Total Number of Visits to Web Site
· Summary Reporting of Overall Web Usage
· Detailed Usage Reporting to drill down on specific Web Site Activity
· View a Top 10 Activity Report

Top 10 Summary Reports
· View Chat/Instant Message Activity
· View Online Searches
· View Web Sites Visited
· View Email Activity
· View Program Activity
· View Keywords Detected
· View by Date Range
· View Details with One Click
· Immediately Block Web Sites

Email Activity Recording Features (Sent & Received)
· Records AOL Email and Webmail
· Records Outlook & Outlook Express
· Records Hotmail
· Records Yahoo
· Records Gmail
· Records MySpace
· Records Juno/NetZero
· Records ATT Worldnet
· Records Netscape
· Records SMTP/POP3 Email
· Records MS Exchange Email
· View/Open File Attachments
· View a Top 10 Activity Report
· View MySpace Messages

Program Activity Recording Features
· Record every Program launched
· View the Day and Time Programs are launched
· View the Total Amount of Time a Program was Used
· View a Top 10 Activity Report

Keywords Detected Recording Features
· Quickly Add Keywords/Phrases to Monitor
· Instant Email Alerts upon Detection of Keyword/Phrase
· Works in Conjunction with Screen Snapshots, Chat/IM, Web Site, Email, and Keystroke Recordings
· Increased Screen Snapshot Frequency upon Keyword Detection
· View a Top 10 Activity Report


· A modern processor (at least 800MHz)
· 64 MB of memory or more
· 0.5 GB of available hard disk space recommended
· Internet access capability (for sending email Keyword Alerts)

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Top 10 Summary Reports
· MySpace Activity Reports
· Online Search Capturing for Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN
· Google Email (Gmail), Google Chat, Skype Chat
· Document Tracking
· Network Activity
· Vastly Improved Screen Snapshots

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