Stealth Files Encrypting Security for Windows

Stealth Files – The ultimate Tool for packing, encrypting and hiding files
Stealth Files 4.0 hides any file or files inside of another file by using a process called steganography.

This is an alternative to encryption because no one can decrypt encrypted information or files unless they know that the hidden files exist.

Before Stealth Files hides a file, it compresses it and encrypts it with a password. Then you must select a carrier file, which is a file that contains the hidden files.

This carrier file can be any of these file types: EXE, DLL, OCX, COM, JPG, GIF, ART, MP3, AVI, WAV, DOC, BMP, WMF. Most audio, video, and executable files can also be carrier files. You can also use some types of data files as carrier files.

These carrier files will still work perfectly even with the hidden data in them. Pictures will still look the same, sound file will still sound the same, and programs will still work fine.

When you are ready to recover your hidden files, simply open them up with Stealth Files, and if you gave the carrier file a password, you will prompted to enter it again to recover the hidden files.

You can also remove the hidden files from the carrier file by going to Remove Hidden Files and following the instructions..

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