Stealth Storage Encrypting Security for Windows

A small and powerful file encryption tool
Stealth Storage mounts a pseudo-disk into the system. Entire pseudo-disk content is stored in the only file called disk container.

Disk container file is strongly encrypted. So, all the data stored on pseudo-disk is encrypted as well. You can work with pseudo-disk as usual (create/delete/change files, install programs, format the disk etc) ? you will not feel the difference from real disk, except that nobody will read your private data without specifying a password.

Stealth Storage features seamless integration into the Windows system. It mounts a virtual disk, and intercepts all virtual disk operations.

Stealth Storage encrypts data before writing, and decrypts it after reading from your disk. So, all your provate data is never stored unencrypted.

Here are some key features of “Stealth Storage”:

· Stealth. All encyption operations are done on driver level. Driver does not have any GUI (graphical user interface). Only configuration window has it.
· Unencrypted data is never saved on a disk. All disk operations are transparently interceped by disk driver. So, your data remains protected even if computer is suddenly turned off.
· Encrypted disks are automatically dismounted due to inactivity (optional). The program will dismount encrypted disk if you do not use it for a certain time. So, nobody will read your personal data even if you forget to dismount a disk. This feature can be tunrned off.
· There is no password window. You can type your password in any applicatoin (like MS Word, Notepad, Outlook etc). If password is correct, program will erase it immediatelly and mount the disk.
· Many strong ciphers are supported: Stealth Storage supports IDEA, CAST, 3WAY, BLOWFISH, RIJNDAEL and TWOFISH codecs.
· Autorun feature. The program will run programs in AutoRunStartup directory after disk is mounted. Also, programs from AutoRunDismount directory will be executed before dismounting a disk.


· 30 days trial

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