Steganos Safe Lockdown Security for Windows

Steganos Safe – Secure as a safe, simple as a hard drive. Encrypts up to 256 GB in real time
Steganos Safe is a security tool that allows you to encrypt data.

Steganos Safe contains all your sensitive data. A freely definable number of data safes can hold up to 256 GB of documents, photos, movies, Excel workbooks, and so on using the world’s most advanced encryption algorithm AES with 256-bit keys. Like all other Steganos encryptions this has never been cracked!

You can sort the safes conveniently according to color codes defined by yourself, the creation date, or simply in alphabetical order: this way you can easily find the right safe you need.

Encrypt your data by USB stick, mobile phone or digital camera. Save your passwords for the safe on your iPod, a USB memory stick, mobile phone or digital camera. Just connect the device and the secure drives will open automatically. Of course, you can also enter your password manually. For users with a distinct photographic memory: Steganos PicPass enables you to open your safe with a sequence of pictures. If required, you can also combine this sequence of pictures with a password that consists of letters and numbers.

Steganos Portable Safe turns your iPod or a memory stick into a mobile safe: This way you can use your iPod for secure data transports. The data can be easily decrypted on any PC with no need for additional software. Alternatively you can burn encrypted archives on CD, DVD or DVD-DL.

If you store your Outlook file in a safe, no one can use your Outlook without the appropriate password: This way you can securely protect your e-mails, contacts, calendar, and tasks. No matter if you lose or forget your computer, or if someone steals it ? nobody can access your important data and your Outlook.

Steganos Shredder enables you to destroy unwanted data irrevocably. The Deep Cleaning Shredder removes all data remnants from your hard drive. Includes three destruction options: fast one-time overwriting, the technology of US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22M/NISPOM 8-306), and the extremely efficient 35-times overwriting Gutmann method for your most sensitive data.

Here are some key features of “Steganos Safe”:

· Steganos PicPass
Use images as passwords! Memorize a sequence of images to open your safe.
· NEW Fourfold Safe Size
Each safe now holds up to 256 GB! Create any number of secure drives.
· NEW Outlook Safe
Protect e-mails, calendar entries and Outlook tasks in the safe. This protects your Outlook data when you lose your PC.
· NEW iPod as a key storage or portable safe
Use your iPod to open your safe ? or simply make it a portable safe.
· NEW Windows XP x64 Support
Safe now also supports the new 64-bit processor generation.
· NEW Hotkey Support
Open and close your safe conveniently using a key combination.
· USB stick as key
Open your safe without a password ? simply by USB stick, ActiveSync-enabled SmartPhone, PDA, memory card or digital camera.
· Steganos Portable Safe
Simply take your encrypted data with you: On CD and DVD or even rewriteable on USB sticks.
· 256 Bit AES
Real-time protection by the world’s most advanced encryption algorithm.
· Steganos Shredder
Secure deletions with deep cleaning for the entire hard drive.
· Only the best passwords
The in-built multilingual dictionary recognizes unsafe passwords ? and warns you against these.


· 50 MB of space on your hard drive for installation
· Screen resolution of at least 800×600 pixels
· High color (16 Bit)
· At least 128 MB of free memory
· At least Pentium or comparable CPU
· A mouse or another Windows-compatible pointing device
· For Steganos Safe: Additional hard-disk space is needed for the secure drives. In order to use 256 GB per drive, you need the NTFS file system. The FAT32 file system enables a maximum capacity of 4 GB per secure drive.
· For Portable Safe: CD or DVD burner with corresponding software. Optional and temporary up to 8.5 GB hard-drive space for the Portable Safe package files. In order to use a Portable Safe on another computer administrator privileges are required for the installation of the decryption program.
· Secure drives cannot be decrypted when stored on compressed NTFS drives.
· Supported key devices: ActiveSync-compatible devices (e.g. SmartPhones, PDAs), all devices that are recognized by Windows as rewriteable removable media (e.g., USB sticks, memory cards, digital cameras).
· No key devices are included in the delivery.


· 30-day trial

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Encryption – 256 Bit AES in real time
· Number of possible safes – unlimited
· Maximum total size – unlimited
· Portable Safe – read & write
· Automatic updates
· USB stick as key
· ActiveSync mobile phones open the safe
· Dynamic safe size
· Import existing safes

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