Steganos Safe Professional Lockdown Security for Windows

Keep all your secure data on your safe virtual drive
Clear text data are a risk – especially for enterprises. Apart from hacker attacks and purposeful industrial espionage, there are often very simple things which compromise confidential data: An employee forgets his laptop on the train.

During their lunch break, colleagues take a look at personnel data which are stored in a folder on the shared server. Hard drives with enterprise data are stolen during a break-in. Discarded computers still contain remainders of confidential information. During a PC repair, sensitive enterprise data are copied.Steganos Safe Professional is a security tool that allows you to secure virtual drives.

Steganos Safe Professional can contain an unlimited amount of confidential data – you can create any number of secure drives with a capacity of up to 64 GB each. In Steganos Safe Professional, AES, the world’s most progressive encryption algorithm works with 256 bit long codes. Like all other Steganos encryptions this has never been cracked.

Apart from the manual password entry, data can also be encrypted via USB stick or mobile phone, for example. Thus, employees do not have to remember their passwords: They only have to connect their USB stick to make the safe open automatically. If someone forgets about his password or loses a key device, the administrator can use the Emergency Decryption Key (EDK) to access the data. The password chosen originally still remains secret. The use of these features can be configured and controlled via group policies.

Steganos Portable Safe turns a memory stick into a mobile safe: it can simply be decryted on every PC without installing additional software. This enables external employees to add new data very easily ? as soon as the stick is removed, all information is encrypted. Alternatively, encrypted archives can be written to CD, DVD, or DVD-DL and therefore be securely transported. Naturally, this feature can be enabled and disabled for certain users via group policies.

Steganos Shredder permanently destroys unwanted documents or whole folders. The Deep Cleaning Shredder removes all junk data from every hard drive. This can be done by simply overwriting it if you want it to disappear quickly. Or, if you wish, you can use the technology employed by the US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22M/NISPOM 8-306). You should use the extremely thorough Gutmann method for your most sensitive data as it overwrites 35 times.

Steganos Safe Professional can be installed and configured comfortably and centrally using Active Directory. Via group policies, the administrator can specify by whom and how certain Safe functions can be used. The minimum password requirements can be predefined: this ensures that all users use passwords of a certain security level. The usage of key devices for storing passwords can be specified as well as the usage of Data Shredder or Portable Safe. In addition, the Emergency Decription Key functionality can be enabled during installation: Thus, an authorized person can access encrypted data at any time if the key gets lost without having to reveal the password of the safe concerned.

Secure drives can be created not only on individual clients but also on the network. This means that several users can access data in a common safe simultaneously.

Here are some key features of “Steganos Safe Professional”:

· Emergency decryption with the Emergency Decryption Key (EDK) (can be switched off)
· Share secure drives in a network
· 256 Bit AES in real time
· USB stick as key (can be switched off?)
· Shredder (optional?)
· Automatic updates
· Active Directory support
· No training, no hidden costs
· Any number of safes
· Use mobile phones as access tokens for secure drives (can be switched off)
· Only the best passwords
· Security policies
· MSI-based installation
· Steganos Portable Safe (can be switched off?)
· Dynamic safe size
· Automatic-Crash-Protection (ACP).


· 100 MB of space on your hard drive for installation
· Screen resolution of at least 800×600 pixels
· High color (16 Bit)
· At least 256 MB of free memory
· At least Pentium or comparable CPU
· A mouse or another Windows-compatible pointing device
· For Steganos Safe: Additional hard-disk space is needed for the secure drives. In order to use 256 GB per drive, you need the NTFS file system. The FAT32 file system enables a maximum capacity of 4 GB per secure drive.
· For Portable Safe: CD or DVD burner with corresponding software. Optional and temporary up to 8.5 GB hard-drive space for the Portable Safe package files. In order to use a Portable Safe on another computer administrator privileges are required for the installation of the decryption program.
· Secure drives cannot be decrypted when stored on compressed NTFS drives.
· Supported key devices: ActiveSync-compatible devices (e.g. SmartPhones, PDAs), all devices that are recognized by Windows as rewriteable removable media (e.g., USB sticks, memory cards, digital cameras).
· No key devices are included in the delivery.


· 30 days trial.

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