Strong Encryption Encrypting Security for Windows

Strong Encryption is a tray-based application, that allows to encrypt the text, with RSA/DES quality
Strong Encryption is a tray-based program, that allows to encrypt the text, with RSA/DES quality. Strong Encryption software is classified as symmetric cryptosystem. It uses a combination of variable-length encryption key algorithm derived from BLOWFISH and inspired by IDEA like algorithms.

There are two kinds of cryptosystems: symmetric and asymmetric . Symmetric cryptosystems use the same key (the secret key) to encrypt and decrypt a message, and asymmetric cryptosystems use one key (the public key) to encrypt a message and a different key (the private key) to decrypt it. Assymetric cryptosystems are also called public key cryptosystems.

Both solutions: symmetric and asymmetric cryptosystems have pros and cons. For asymmetric cryptosystem, public and private keys are required, which means you need to keep your private key somewhere on the hard drive or carry it on the disk at all times and remember not to leave it in the drive.

On the other hand – to use symmetric cryptosystems efficiently, you need a secure channel to provide the Key Phrase to the recipient, and also you need to change your Key Phrase very often – maybe even every time use a different one.


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