Strong File Encryption Decryption Decrypting Decoding Security for Windows

Strong File Encryption/Decryption – file folder encryption decryption windows utility
Strong File Encryption/Decryption can be used at encrypting and decrypting
files or folders.

Strong File Encryption and Decryption utility is a Windows software that allows you easily and quickly to encrypt and decrypt selected files or folders on your computer using the latest industry standard strong encryption algorithms:
AES (US Advanced Encryption Standard, secret-key encryption also known as Rijndael), Twofish (secret-key encryption), RSA (public-key encryption).

Strong File Encryption Decryption software supports Compression and Decompression: You can use the most popular ZIP archive file format within the Strong File Encryption / Decryption utility.

Here are some key features of “Strong File Encryption Decryption”:

· You can define automatic compression and decompression of the encrypted or decrypted files.
· Execute Log Window: Strong File Encryption / Decryption utility maintains activity Log so you can easily find out which encryptions were successful, which failed and why.
· The interface is easy to use. In 3 easy to to follow steps you can encrypt or decrypt files or folders. Encryption algorithms are very fast.


· 30 days trial, encrypt/decrypt 5 files at a time.

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