StrongBox Basic Encrypting Security for Windows

Organize and secure any type of sensitive information you have, especially the type that has no other home
The StrongBox application was designed to help you organize and secure any type of sensitive information you have, especially the type that has no other home. It achieves this through simplicity, isolation and state of the art encryption.

Rest assured info like credit cards, logins or passwords will always be safe, yet easily accessible. A sleek user interface makes it a joy to use, and with a full feature set no one can resist!

Here are some key features of “StrongBox Basic”:

· Central security
· StrongBox allows you to centralize all your sensitive information and keep it secure using a single strong password.

· Organization
· Specialized item templates let you easily manage credit card numbers, passwords, accounts or simple text. You can even create your own layout and templates!

· Secure barrier
· StrongBox isolates your data from other applications and puts you in control. Only you can move information across this barrier, this is done either through copy/paste, drag and drop or typing. Features like automation and form filling are left out as they would weaken this security barrier.

· Searchable at heart
· All items are quickly searchable, making it easy to find a forgotten password knowing only a few letters it contains.

· Prevent stolen information
· Use StrongBox to easily foil any rogue programs such as spyware which may want to access sensitive information.

· Secure as can be
· Data is encrypted using super strong AES 256bit encryption; it is stored only on your computer and never un-encrypted. Your password is also not stored anywhere making it literally impossible to crack the box.

· Finally get some sleep
· Keep the government off your back! With this level of encryption they’ll have to spend billions to get a crack at your data.


· .NET framework


· Only one StrongBox can be created
· 10 items limit

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