Surf Inspector Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Surf Inspector helps you monitor and record internet surfing activity
Surf Inspector is an application that helps you monitor and record internet surfing activity.

It records URLs of websites opened in the web browser. Then, this information is encrypted, compressed and saved to a log file which can be viewed either locally from the monitored computer or sent to the remote computer by email.

Surf Inspector is designed for home use. It will be valuable for parents who are concerned about what websites their children visit while they are at work.

Using Surf Inspector, parents can get detailed reports to their office computer and respond to threats in seconds, preventing their children from being exposed to sexually explicit, obscene and violent internet content.

Additionally, Surf Inspector can be used in companies to expose employees who undermine corporate discipline and steal bandwidth by surfing non-work related websites.

Surf Inspector seamlessly integrates into the OS and creates its icon in the Control Panel, thus remaining completely invisible for the uninformed user. To access the program, you will be requested to type in a password.

Once the access is granted, you can change the program settings. You can configure it to launch at every system startup, activate or deactivate its monitoring module, change password, set the time to remove URLs from history, clear a log file or uninstall the program.

By using the inbuilt Log Viewer, you can view log records from within the program. What’s more, you can customize Surf Inspector to send log reports to a specified email address at the predefined time intervals.

Featuring advanced filtering options, Surf Inspector enables you to specify strings to allow or disallow the user to visit webpages that contain them.

When the user is trying to open a forbidden webpage, the program can display a warning popup window or close the browser window with the page.

Here are some key features of “Surf Inspector”:

· Invisible for the uninformed user;
· Encrypts and compresses online surfing information;
· View log records locally, get them emailed to a specific address or sent to the server;
· Filters to disallow opening forbidden webpages;
· Uninstall option is password protected;

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