SurfSecret Personal Firewall Firewall Security for Windows

SurfSecret Personal Firewall – Protect your computer from hackers
Protect your computer from hackers who have the ability to:
· Delete, modify, or steal files from your computer.
· Implant viruses or worms.
· Read your email – or send email under your name.
· Steal personal and credit card information resulting in identity theft.

Anytime your computer is connected to the Internet, it is vulnerable to attack from the outside. Hackers look for unprotected computers and access programs, files and personal information.They could exploit this information through crimes such as credit card theft or identity theft. SurfSecret Personal Firewall is designed to secure your computer from outside attack. It uses an advanced packet filtering system designed by experienced firewall security programmers.

SurfSurfret Personal Firewall sits in the traybar, constantly protecting you: SurfSecret Personal Firewall makes your computer invisible.

When you use our stealth security levels, hackers won’t even know your computer exists! And the firewall does all of this quietly, in the background, so you can use your computer with the confidence that you are protected by SurfSecret technology.

Here are some key features of “SurfSecret Personal Firewall”:

· Three security levels – Maximum, Stealth, and Low
· Emergency Lockdown switch
· Customizable lockdown scenarios – on screensaver or at time of day
· Filter Installation Wizard – specify exactly which IP addresses are allowed to connect to which ports on your computer
· IP address range / IP address mask support
· At your request, SurfSecret Personal Firewall will display a message everytime a packet is blocked.
· Detailed logging of break-in attempts to application and/or file.
· Blocked packet counter
· Automatically checks for new updates – and prompts with upgrade instructions
· SurfSecret? Personal Firewall will runs constantly in the background without any user intervention!
· SurfSecret? Personal Firewall runs on Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP


· 30 days trial

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