System Surveillance Pro Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

An application that allows you to monitor several machines at once.
System Surveillance Pro is an all-in-one computer monitoring software solution. Anessential tool for parents concerned with online activity and network administrators wishing to monitor their employee's computer usage.

System Surveillance Pro is a multimachine monitor software.

System Surveillance Pro records keystrokes entered, programs run, websites visited, instant messages, screen snapshots plus much more! Configure SSPro email features to send logged data and screen snapshots offsite for remote viewing. SSPro's built-in pornographic keyword features allow users to block and/or be notified when objectionable content is encountered. Want to define your own keywords? No problem, SSPro allows for that too.

System Surveillance Pro also includes selective website blocking / internet filtering, monitor scheduling, selective account startup, HTML activity reports, optional user warnings, program usage limits, and multi-machine networked configuration. Extremely easy to setup and use, SSPro supports most chat programs and browsers including AIM, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, GoogleTalk, IE, Netscape, Firefox and many more.

Simple keyloggers (keystroke loggers) just can't do everything that SSPro can so if your looking for a quality parental control program or employee monitoring solution then System Surveillance Pro is for you!

Here are some key features of “System Surveillance Pro”:

· View Keystrokes Entered
· View Websites Visited
· View Programs Run
· Capture IM Conversations
· See Desktop Screenshots
· Send Alerts and Logs to Remote Locations
· Block Websites and IMs
· Limit Website and AOL usage
· View Multiple Machines From One Location


· 300 Mhz CPU or faster
· 128 MB ram
· 20 MB available for installation – after install additional space may be needed for data.
· Requirements for network based monitoring:
· Central disk location with write permision to receive log files and screen snapshots.
· Web Monitoring: Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater, Netscape 8.0 & FireFox
· SSPro does not support Netscape prior to version 8.0)
· IM Capture:
· MSN Messengertm 5.0 or greater,
· AIMtm 4.0 or greater,
· ICQtm Build 1301 or greater,
· Yahoo Messengertm 4.0 or greater,
· AOL tm 8.0 or greater.*
· Screen Snapshots: Graphics card capable of 256 colors or greater.


· 7-day fully functional trial

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