Telephone Spy Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Easily record telephone conversations from your computer, store them or send them in your email
Telephone Spy records telephone conversations directly to your hard disk with a single push of button, optionally playing a legal disclaimer before recording a call (ideal for use in business environment).

It stores calls as standard Windows sound files, adding a memo to allow fast and easy call navigation. The software is Caller ID compatible so there is no need to type caller’s number and name: call logging will be matched with call detail record obtained from the Caller ID information.

Record a phone call with a simple push of button, or enable automatic call recording.

Here are some key features of “Telephone Spy”:

· Legal Disclaimer (an optional legal disclaimer can be played automatically before a call is recorded to insure that the recording is legal)
· Guide on Call Recording Laws
· All recorded phone calls are optionally compressed to maximize storage capacity.
· Automatic Phone Call Recording
· Optional automatic call recording
· Quality Phone Call Recording
· High quality of phone recording by optional automatic gain control allows for automatic volume adjustment for a superior sound quality for virtually all types of telephone installations.
· Call Logging and Annotating
· Every call is annotated for convenient future access.
· Caller ID Call Recording
· Caller ID information automatically labels incoming phone calls: there is no need to manually annotate every recorded call (requires Caller ID service from telephone company).
· E-Mail Call Forwarding


· compatible voice modem


· 30-day trial
· Nag screen at program startup

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