TiPi Encrypting Security for Windows

TiPi – Hide secrets and sercet messages in pictures and protect it by password
Tipi is dedicated for persons who want to hide messages and send it in a safe way. Tipi can hide secrets and secret messages in graphic files. That files are often used to store pictures on personal computers, or are sent by e-mail.

If you hide information on that file, and someone will search your computer for confidential data, graphic files will be ignored – files that look like icon, or funny picture aren’t commonly threaded like confidential data. You can use Tipi to store you passwords, or any confidential data in that file, and you will have access to it any time you want.

Tipi is a very good choice to send secret messages, embedded in official or monitored mails. If for example you want send message by corporate e-mail, and you know that e-mail could be viewed by your principal, you can send innocent message with some graphic element in which will be hidden information you don’t want to tell principal (i.e. Your comments about his/her new dress ).

If simple hiding information isn’t enough, Tipi can protect it by password and encrypt by strong encryption algorithm. Encrypted information stored by Tipi in files, looks like any ordinary picture, so you can store it even in insecure place (It is not recommended, but who knows which place is secure?) or send by insecure medium like public e-mail service. With passwords hidden and encrypted by Tipi you don`t have to fear about stolen passwords.


· Java


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