TokenKey Encrypting Security for Windows

TokenKey turns your regular USB key into an effective security token utility
TokenKey turns your regular USB key into an effective security token utility. Installed directly onto your USB key, TokenKey provides strong password protection that can be carried with you wherever you go.

Following are some good reasons why you should make TokenKey part of your security arsenal:

1. 30 million Americans have been the victims of identity theft in the last five years.
2. On average victims of identity theft lose $10,200 USD per incidence.
3. Most people use easy-to-remember but very insecure passwords that can be easily guessed by hackers and identity thieves.

Protect your identity today!

Here are some key features of “TokenKey”:

· Easy-to-use interface that makes using strong and secure password and authentication as simple as possible
· Provides three types of strong and secure password and authentication codes that are unique to your USB key:
· 128-digit (2048-bit) strong TokenKeys
· 16-digit (256-bit) strong TokenKeys
· 8-digit (128-bit) strong TokenKeys
· Customize your TokenKeys with symbols and case variations to further improve the level of security.
· Generate as many strong and secure unique password and authentication codes as you need using simple codes that you can remember.
· Places strong and secure passwords and authentication codes directly into your clipboard so you can paste it directly into secure login sites and applications.


· Some (important) TokenKey options are disabled

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