Trillian Password Recovery Decrypting Decoding Security for Windows

Trillian Password Recovery Tool will extract Trillian encrypted passwords and decode these passwords
Trillian Password Recovery is a program that will instantly find all Trillian accounts on your PC, extract encrypted passwords and decode these passwords.

All versions of Trillian are supported (both Trillian Basic and Trillian Pro versions). Passwords from all protocols are extracted in all profiles that are on the PC. The program supports recovery of passwords from external files.

Functionality of Trillian password recovery – in other words, what
this tool can do:
? All versions of Trillian are supported (both Trillian Basic and Trillian Pro versions)
? Family profile password recovery
? Decrypt Trillian account password
? Decode Trillian passwords
? Crack Trillian profile passwords
? Recover Trillian password
? Find Trillian passwords
? Trillian password ripper
? Trillian remote account hacker (not implemented)
? Trillian Pro members account password (not supported)

Please note that it’s impossible to recover the password for the Trillian Pro membership account. This particular password is not stored on your system. Instead, SHA-1 hash of this password is saved on the local system. Please use the official Trillian website to recover your Trillian Pro registration.

Extra recovery features:
? Support for multiple profiles
? Support for multiple protocols
? Autodetection of where the account information is stored
? External account files can be opened
? Drap-n-drop of protocol files supported

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