TurboCrypt Disk Encryption Software Encrypting Security for Windows

TurboCrypt: Disk Encryption Software – 512 Bit, Transparent, On-The Fly Disk Encryption, Strong Security Made Easy
TurboCrypt Disk Encryption enables you to create and manage encrypted virtual volumes on a computer’s hard drive and/or other external storage devices.

Similar to a firewall or Virus Scanner, TurboCrypt works in the background. Once the program is started, you enter your password once to unlock the encrypted drive, and you can then access all encrypted files stored on that drive.

When unlocked, the encrypted volume simply shows up in Microsoft Windows Explorer as a separate drive letter. This does not mean that unlocking a volume leaves your data “out in the open’. Only the section of a file being used is unencrypted and passed “on-the-fly” to the operating system. All of this is done in the background, and is transparent to the user.

That is to say, once the program is started and an encrypted volume is unlocked, the user cannot even tell that the files they are accessing are encrypted.

Keep your music and movie archives on an encrypted Virtual Drive. Play files directly from the encrypted drive or save them to CDs or MP3 players just as you would if they were stored anywhere else on your computer.

Store and actively use customer lists and other valuable sales information. Store banking records and financial information. Keep proprietary files safe in the event that your laptop is lost or stolen.

TurboCrypt Disk Encryption utilizes PMC’s 512-bit ultra-secure Polymorphic Cipher (declassified from State Secret in 1999 by the German government) .

Here are some key features of “TurboCrypt Disk Encryption Software”:

? Ultra-strong/Ultra-Fast Polymorphic Encryption
The 512 Bit Polymorphic Encryption used in TurboCrypt is at least 10 times faster than AES, Blowfish, DES, Triple DES, etc. PMC’s Polymorphic Encryption has been tested by crypto experts since it’s invention in the late 90’s, and was only Declassified as a state secret by the German Government in 1999.
? Easy Installation, Deployment and Use
TurboCrypt has a self-explanatory user interface and thus requires no user training. It is completely transparent and requires no change in the way users work with their computer.
? Data is encrypted on your Hard Disk at All Times
TurboCrypt protects your data with very fast “on the fly” encryption process. Only the specific portion of a file that is in use is decrypted and passed to the Operating System. Unprotected data never resides on a TurboCrypt encrypted drive.
? NTFS Disk Partition and file volume encryption
TurboCrypt can encrypt an entire Hard Disk partition and can create so-called virtual container files that store an encrypted File System.
? TRUE Password Security, NO back door
TurboCrypt has NO master passwords as these mechanisms always involve back doors. This decisive feature of TurboCrypt has been independently tested by several customers.
? Reliable operation
TurboCrypt runs as reliable as a Rolex watch. It is the only product of its kind on the market with such high degree of reliability.
? Anti Dictionary or Brute Force Attack mechanism
Due to the nature of the implemented 512 Bit PMC Encryption, Dictionary or Brute Force Attacks against encrypted volumes are made much harder than similar products that use passwords for authentication. As the Encryption Algorithm is compiled at runtime from your password, trying every possible combination always involves compiling the complete cipher object. This key-setup phase takes much longer than for any other cipher (1 .. 10 milliseconds on mordern microprocessors like the Intel Pentium IV).
? System Tray Control
TurboCrypt allows the instant dismount of all encrypted drives from the System Tray. This convenient function is much valued by thousands of content customers.
? Secure Disk Deletion (Disk Wiping)
TurboCrypt ensures that deleted volume files can never be recovered by special disk tools. This option can be activated in the Options menu.
? External Hard Disk and USB Drive Support
TurboCrypt supports optional external storage devices such as USB and Firewire hard disks, USB media, even Digital Cameras which support this feature.
? Network Drive Support
Encrypted TurboCrypt volumes can be shared over an entire corporate network. No software is required for the network server. The server simply stores the encrypted data. All encryption/decryption takes place on the end users computer.
? File/Folder Encryption
TurboCrypt integrates seamlessly into the OS Shell. Ultra-strong encryption of files and folders is available at a touch of a button. Simply right click on the file or folder you wish to encrypt and select “add to encrypted archive”.
? Self-extracting archives
The Self-extracting functionality allows users to send encrypted email messages as attachments, to users who do not use TurboCrypt Software.
? Secure file deletion
Files and folder structures can be deleted without giving attackers any chance to restore any information. Available wipe methods include DoD 5220.22 M and Gutmann.
? Secure wipe of unused disk space
Windows generally does not delete files by overwriting data. In many cases, deleted data can be restored. TurboCrypt has the required functionality implemented that guarantees deletion of all data fragments that can be found in unused areas of disk drives.

· Pentium Processor.
· min. 256 MB RAM.
· 20 MB free disk space.


· Mount a virtual volume of up to 16 Megabyte size without password limit

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